23 Best First Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads in 2022

New moms deserve the world for their sacrifices, but sometimes dads in the equation don’t get enough credit. The best first Father’s Day gifts, accordingly, should be a celebration. A nod to his newly minted dad status (complete with fly dad shoes and a dad bag to usher him into a new era of fatherhood) plus a show of support to help him optimize the hours of the day that he spends in a total funk, perhaps running on fumes and just a few hours of sleep. After all, diaper changes, putting the baby to bed, and getting meals together should be a team effort for new parents. When in doubt, a gift card for takeout to lighten the load on cooking, or a thoughtful hand-written note go a long way. But to really get the wheels turning, we’ve also compiled a short list of the best first Father’s Day gifts that will offer some temporary relief in the form of caffeine, aromatherapy, relaxation, white noise, and a little recreation. With these gifts that say alternately “mazel” and “thank you,” hopefully he’ll be feeling like a champ and a truly upstanding dad.

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