4-year-old boy crashes into parked cars with parents’ car

A 4-year-old boy caused a collision with his parents’ car on Saturday in Utrecht, when he rammed it into two parked cars in his neighborhood. The police then found him wandering around alone, barefoot and in his pajamas, in the neighborhood, according to an Instagram post by the Politie Basisteam Utrecht Noord. They took him to the station while locating his parents.

Shortly after they picked up the little boy, the police received a report of a car accident in the district of Overvecht in Utrecht. It was not immediately clear who had caused it. However, when it turned out that the offending car belonged to the boy’s mother, the pieces began to fall into place. 

Officers made a call to the boy’s mother and let him speak to her. During the call, he made steering gestures with his hands and mimed a collision. Then, along with his parents, the police accompanied the boy to the scene of the accident and asked him how the car worked.

“The child opened the car with the key and put the key in the ignition,” the police wrote in the post. “He started the car, moved his left foot to the clutch and hit the gas.”

It turned out the child had woken up when his father left for work, grabbed the car keys and gone for a joyride. His mother told the police that her child is “very enterprising.” The police referred to him as “a new Max Verstappen.”

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