Aruba lifts all but one coronavirus rule


Aruba withdrew almost all coronavirus measures on Thursday, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announced. The only rule that will still be enforced is that people entering Aruba must take a Covid-19 test. That does not apply to travelers who have already had two vaccinations and a booster shot.

According to Wever-Croes, the first coronavirus measures were introduced in the country 705 days ago. She says that the virus has caused a lot of damage to the island since then, which is largely dependent on tourism. The population has also been divided by their opinions on the virus. “Covid-19 is not gone, but now is the time to stop taking measures and learn to live with it,” she said.

There were 58 registered infections in Aruba on Wednesday, the lowest number in seven months. Of that number, 13 were new infections. Since the start of the pandemic, 198 people with coronavirus have died in Aruba, of which 193 were residents and five were visitors.

The government still advises the population to wash their hands often, keep social distance and wear a mask where necessary. But all restrictive measures for the catering industry and retail sector have been lifted.


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