At least €16 mil. per year needed to tackle transgressive behavior in sport

The NOC*NSF says it needs at least 16 million euros per year to tackle transgressive behavior in sports. The Dutch sports umbrella organization would ideally like 39 million euros per year for prevention, education, and enforcement, it said based on research it commissioned from the Berenschot agency, NOS reports.

With 16 million euros per year, the NOC*NSF says it can take basic measures to prevent excesses. With 39 million euros per year, it can take “optimal integrity measures” in top sports and recreational sports.

The most significant expenses will be getting a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for all youth trainers and appointing integrity managers at all sports associations. According to NOC*NSF, measures in the field of education and information also require “substantial structural investments.”

“In childcare and education, we set quality requirements in the field of integrity and pedagogical skills. That should be just as mandatory for the sports club your child goes to after school,” Marc van den Tweel, general manager of NOC*NSF, said to the broadcaster.

“We want a safe sports climate, but so far, we have not attached a price to this,” Van den Tweel said. “If we really want safe and clean sports, we have to put an end to non-commitment. Just like is happening in other sectors of society.”

Like in many other sectors, the sports world saws a clear increase in reports of transgressive behavior over the past months. The Center for Safe Sports in the Netherlands (CVSN) already handled over 650 cases this year, compared to 900 cases in all of 2021. 

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