Authorities have only reviewed 2 of the 15 cameras at hotel where Debanhi’s body was found

Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, revealed that only the video recordings of two of the fifteen cameras that were found in the Nueva Castilla Motel during the last search have been analyzed. He reported that he made a request to review all the videos, through the Executive Commission for Victim Assistance.

At a press conference, the student’s father stated: “Only two cameras have been seen and that is why the commission requested to check all the videos. They gave me a hard drive with more than 1,800 videos, it’s crazy to be checking them one by one. It’s a lot of work but I want the truth.” Pprosecutor Griselda Núñez Espinoza confirmed the statements by Escobar.

At a press conference, organized by the Specialized Prosecutor for Femicides and Crimes against Women, the head Núñez gave more details about the progress so far in the analysis of graphic material captured by cameras at the Nueva Castilla Motel, where Debanhi was found dead. He stated that: “Regarding the chain of custody that exists for both videos and telephony, so far there is no further information regarding the follow-up with Debanhi, the only person who can be seen entering this place is her”.

However, he explained that, due to the collaboration between the Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Government requested by Mario Escobar, the experts will make a new exhaustive analysis of all the videos, to locate those possibly involved in the young woman’s death. In addition, during the meeting with the media, the Prosecutor’s Office also reported that Debanhi Escobar’s body could be exhumed if requested by forensic experts.

The prosecutor explained that the case was documented through photographs, which will be analyzed by experts who will establish whether the information is sufficient or whether it will be necessary to carry out a new study of the student’s remains. He also explained that before making a decision it is necessary if this would represent a re-victimization for Debanhi and her relatives, regarding this, Mr. Mario stated: “Based on the expert study that we requested and the autopsy of the Prosecutor’s Office, the causes of death are scientifically determined death. I think we are not going to get to that element but if we have to get there we have no problem. ”

The Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía, informed that a third expert opinion will be carried out to establish the cause of death. This is due to the differences between the autopsy requested by the student’s relatives and the one carried out by personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) by order of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) of Nuevo León.

The official stated that: “Both opinions have differences, one finds that there was no sexual assault, another finds that there was, and different causes of death. Consequently, what is sought is to be able to issue a technical opinion to unify criteria of what was the cause of death. He also commented that at the meeting it was agreed to seek a third opinion, a third opinion to strengthen the analysis and be able to clarify what was the cause of death.

The second autopsy performed on Debanhi’s body, commissioned independently by the family, revealed that she was sexually abused and that she died from several blows to the head. This version is far from the official one reported by the State, in which it was determined that she had died from trauma derived from an accidental fall in the cistern of the Nueva Castilla Motel more than a week after her disappearance was reported, and no sexual abuse was found in the State’s report.

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