Bilthoven school closed over email threatening school shooting

Secondary school De Werkplaats in Bilthoven is closed on Thursday as a precaution after multiple pupils received an email threatening a shooting. Mayor Sjoerd Potters of De Bilt advised the school to remain closed after consultation with the police and Public Prosecution Service. The police are investigating, RTV Utrecht reports.

The pupils received the email on Tuesday evening. It contained a photo of a pistol and the text: “I’m going to shoot you all dead. Enjoy your life for now.” The sender gave a date – Thursday, July 2nd. That was likely a typo, as today is Thursday, June 2nd. 

According to the school’s rector, the email was sent from a pupil’s hacked account. The boy informed the school board about it himself. Investigation showed that there had been an “irregular login” on the boy’s account. The school informed all parents and teachers discussed the incident in class, the rector said.

The police confirmed to the broadcaster that they are aware of the email. “We are investigating this threat, and the school has our attention. We always take these kinds of reports seriously until it proves unnecessary,” said a spokesperson. She would comment no further. 

De Werkplaats has over 1,300 pupils. It is not clear when the school will reopen. 

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