Both Volt co-chairs resign citing workload

The two co-chairs of of Volt, Peter-Paul de Leeuw and Sacha Muller, have resigned. It is clear that the party’s next chair must be paid, said secretary Rob Keijsers, according to The position will be filled temporarily by general board member Emmy Mol.

Muller stepped down temporarily in March due to burnout. De Leeuw is now leaving to focus more on his business.

The party has been in the spotlight since February because of accusations against MP Nilüfer Gündoğan for transgressive behavior, including groping, harassment and unwanted sexual advances. On March 29, Volt officially decided to terminate Gündoğan’s membership.

These have been “extremely painful weeks” for the party, said Volt leader Laurens Dassen in an address to members on Sunday, according to He said the party, which was started in 2018, is experiencing “growing pains.”

The fallout from dealing with these accusations has shown that the party must professionalize, said Keijsers, adding that there was no blueprint for dealing with a situation such as the Gündoğan affair. “There was no crisis communication manual ready,” he said.

In response, confidential counselors and an advisory council will be created. The party is also working with Mariëtte Hamer, the government commissioner for sexual abuse and sexual violence. She will “show us how we can do better,” Dassen said.

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