Chris Pine Makes the Case for Buying a Really Weird Summer Hat


Summer, we’ve been told, means wearing less clothes. And while we’re totally here for the unbridled sex appeal that only you and your body bring to the table, the early-July heat also means that the job of getting a fit off has to be done with a smaller toolkit. So if you’re at a loss as to how to MacGyver your way to an A1 warm weather get-up, let Chris Pine—certified grooming god, well-documented freaker of all manner of fits—guide the way.

On the set of Poolman, his upcoming directorial debut, Pine was spotted in what sartorial analysts (us) are calling a pitch-perfect summer ensemble: nautical striped shirt, charming red neckerchief, flow-y gray dress pants, creamy Oxford shoes. But what carried most of the weight of his heavy-hitting outfit (aside from the delightfully unhinged grooming, obviously) was his hat—an airy straw number with the brim turned jauntily up, a look you might see at Kentucky Derby after after party. Mercifully, the hat steers clear of fedora territory. Joyfully, it places Pine in the same rarified realm of freewheeling expression occupied by notable hat-wearers and style gods like Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell. Transitive property says it’ll do the same for you, too.

Summer’s the perfect time to liven-up your headwear, especially when the sun is at the zenith of its powers and all you’ve got on is a pair of shorts and a plain white tee. Play around with different shapes, pump up the volume with bright colors, make your peace with off-kilter materials. Whether it’s a funky crocheted bucket hat, a goofy-gorpy sun shade, or a sporty visor that doesn’t mess with your meticulously sculpted mane, a lovably weird summer hat can bring an outsized amount of drip to your staidest outfits. The sun protection and bad hair day defense are just nice-to-haves.

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