Covid hospital total below 1,600 for the first time in a month


There were 1,595 patients with Covid-19 in Dutch hospitals on Thursday. That was the lowest total reported by the LCPS since March 8. The patient total fell by 23 since Wednesday after accounting for new admissions, discharges and deaths. The patient total has dropped by 17 percent in a week.

Some 1,498 patients were in regular care wards, a net decrease of 25 in a single day. The other 97 patients were in intensive care units, a net increase of two. The ICU total on Wednesday set the mark for the lowest point in over 37 weeks.

Hospitals in the Netherlands admitted 176 patients with the disease between Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, including ten sent to intensive care. On average, hospitals admitted 167 patients each of the past seven days, down 25 percent in a week.

The RIVM said that 12,840 people tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus between during the 24 hour period ending on Thursday at 10 a.m. That caused the seven-day moving average to fall for the 27th consecutive day.

The average stood at 14,551, according to raw data. That figure fell by 47 percent in a week.

Amsterdam led all cities with 530 new infections, followed by Rotterdam (483) and The Hague (415). The capital’s total was more than 18 percent below average, while the other two cities posted figures just slightly below their respective averages.


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