Danish police search for Dutch suspect in murder and stabbing case

Danish police are looking for a 24-year-old Dutch man on suspicion of involvement in a murder and stabbing incident in Copenhagen earlier this month. The victim of the stabbing was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger.

Both crimes took place on May 15. The 28-year-old victim of the murder was taken to hospital, where he died despite medical attention. That same day, another man (25) in an apartment in the Old Town was stabbed several times. His cheek was also cut open and his left ear was cut off.

Danish media report that the police suspect the same two people to be responsible for both cases. Besides the Dutch man, a 20-year-old man is also suspected and has already been arrested.

It is not clear where the Dutch man is now. A spokesperson for the Danish police reported that he was visiting Denmark and has probably left the country in the meantime. An international arrest warrant has been issued.

The Dutch suspect may have traveled via Sweden, Norway and Germany or may still be residing in one of those countries. Because of his ties to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, he is also sought after in these countries. “Many countries are trying to find him,” said the spokesperson. “You don’t see this kind of violence a lot here.” The abuse was described as “particularly brutal.”

The Danish police think the Dutch suspect is dangerous and say that people should not approach him themselves. “If anyone sees him, the police should be contacted immediately.” Police have released his full name and photos of him.

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