Debanhi Escobar identification found more than 20 kilometers from where her body was found

The discovery of an identification supposedly belonging to Debanhi Escobar, 18 years old, could change the investigation that the authorities of Nuevo León have made known so far.

This Thursday around 07:30 a.m., residents of the Constitución Condominiums warned that in the planters of the building there was an identification of the young woman who was found dead on April 21, in a cistern of the Nueva Castilla Motel.

The credential is from the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) and was issued last year. Mario Escobar, father of the victim, is a teacher belonging to the SNTE of section 21 of Nuevo León.

The condominiums, located in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, and 24 kilometers from the motel where she was last seen, had already been searched by the authorities after the Public Ministry received information that in one of the apartments they could find belongings of Debanhi; however, they did not locate anything.

Two days after the searches of the buildings, the young woman was found dead inside a disused cistern at the Nueva Castilla Motel, another location that authorities had searched and found nothing previously.

This morning, the Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía, stated that he was instructed to exhaust all lines of investigation —without ruling out femicide— in the Debhani case.

“It is the instruction of the federal government, to exhaust all lines of investigation without, of course, ruling out the possibility of a femicide,” he said.

A few days ago, Mario Escobar, father of Debanhi, delivered the second autopsy that was performed on the girl and assured that there are differences from the one carried out by the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León.

“There are many differences, the Prosecutor’s Office is going to analyze them, which I already have done with my team of lawyers, with specialized people, well, they must somehow determine… that it was not an accident [… ] To determine that she did not fall there alone (in the well), they obviously have to demonstrate before the Public Ministry, before a judge, before the competent authorities,” he said.

The mainline of investigation for state authorities is that Debanhi died from a concussion to the head and not from drowning. So far, the videos have been released in which the young woman enters the motel and walks through the restaurant, the pool garden, where the water tank where she fell is located.

Debanhi’s father stated that he does not rule out the possibility that the young woman’s body be exhumed to perform new tests, in addition to the two autopsies performed by a team from the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) of the state of Nuevo León and a group of experts he hired independently.

He expressed that, although he would like his daughter’s remains to stop being examined, he is willing to do what is necessary to prove that her death was not an accident. During an interview with several media outlets, he was asked about the possibility of exhuming Debanhi’s remains, to which he replied: “If there is a need, yes, I have no problem. I mean, what I want most is to let my girl rest, but what I want is to know the truth .”

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