Despite Schiphol cancellations, KLM does not expect to scrap many flights


KLM does not expect it will have to cancel many flights this summer, despite restrictions announced by its base, Schiphol Airport, on Thursday. This summer, partly due to staff shortages, fewer travelers will be able to use Schiphol. The airport is setting a maximum number of ticketed passengers per day during the summer holiday season, which means flights will have to be cancelled.

However, KLM thinks it can manage to limit the number of passengers departing from the airport by limiting the number of tickets which it sells. KLM does not expect that it will be necessary to cancel existing bookings on a large scale, based on the information it has received from Schiphol.

When flights arrive at Schiphol, many KLM aircraft will be filled with passengers who will continue to fly from the airport to another destination. KLM said this will be less of a strain on airport resources than passengers whose travel originates from Schiphol.

The company is cooperating in limiting the number of passengers departing in order to reduce pressure at the airport. This means that fewer tickets will be sold in the Netherlands, but it could mean that the seats are sold in other European countries, for example, according to a spokesperson.

The airport slot coordinator will consult with the various airlines to achieve the lower numbers. In July, according to Schiphol, there are about 13,500 seats too many every day if all scheduled flights are completely sold out.

KLM “endorses the need to take additional measures,” a spokesperson said. The company emphasizes that the forced reduction of boarding passengers is highly undesirable and must be “one-off, and short-lived.”

KLM will intends to hold Schiphol responsible for the financial impact of the measures announced by the airport on Thursday. “It cannot be the case that the users of the airport are structurally responsible for Schiphol’s capacity problems,” the spokesperson said.


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