Dumbbell Sales: Shop Bowflex, NordicTrack, Powerblock and More to Pump Up Your Home Gym


The best dumbbell sales the internet has to offer will have your home gym setup—no matter how meager—looking like an Equinox in no time flat. Whether you’re jonesing to save space with an adjustable set or find yourself in desperate need of a full weight rack before those July 4th BBQs, there’s no better time to save on some great equipment. 

Chances are, no matter what type of body workouts you’re focused on, dumbbells are going to play a crucial role. Their versatility makes them perfect for anyone who’s limited on square footage, or simply hesitant to shell out thousands for a full setup. And as much as we get off on stunting in our favorite workout shorts and shirts at the gym, the convenience of pumping iron in the comfort of your living room—and never waiting for a turn at the squat rack—is tough to beat. Knocking out some bi’s and tri’s while binge-watching The Boys just hits different. 

Convinced you need a few of your own? You’re in luck: there happens to be a bevy of ‘em on steep discount right now, courtesy of the dumbbell sales we rounded up below. Your arms will be feeling the burn, but your wallet sure won’t be. Enjoy. 

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