Dutch Patriot missiles delivered to Eastern Europe next month


The Cabinet finalized its decision on March 18 to install Patriot air defense systems in Sliac, Slovakia in accordance with a request from NATO. Germany and the Netherlands are jointly involved in the installation, according to the Department of Defense.

Slovakia shares a border with Ukraine, and the Patriot system will help protect the country from any missile threat and act as deterrence against Russian military aggression. The weapon system will become be ready to go Slovakia at the beginning of April, and will be operational in mid-April and up to six months after. About 150 soldiers will accompany the Patriots to Slovakia from the Netherlands.

“The Cabinet considers it of great importance to make an active military contribution to strengthening the deterrence and defense of the NATO alliance,” wrote Minister of Defense Kajsa Ollongren to the Tweede Kamer. “The deteriorating security situation in Europe as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine makes this contribution necessary.”

Only Germany, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands have the Patriot air defense system, which stands for “Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept On Target.” The weapon system can be used against aircraft, helicopters and high-speed ballistic and cruise missiles, up to 20 kilometers high and from a distance of 60 kilometers.


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