Excess mortality: 1,150 more deaths than expected in June


Last month, 1,150 more people died than expected. There was excess mortality in every week of June, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported on Friday. Mortality was especially high among people receiving long-term care.

May had excess mortality in three of its four weeks. That month, an average of 200 more people died each week than expected. In June, that increased to 225.

Last month over 650 more people in long-term care died than expected. That includes people living in nursing homes or disability care facilities. There was excess mortality in this population group in the last three weeks of June.

Among the rest of the population, nearly 500 more than expected people died. Each week’s mortality was within the expected fluctuations, so there was no excess mortality.

The stats office did not say what caused the excess mortality. CBS gets reports of causes of death later than the deaths themselves. The number of coronavirus infections increased in May and June.


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