Football match in The Hague ends 37-1

A football match in The Hague between SV Houtwijk and HMSH ended bizarrely when the visiting team beat HMSH 1-37. The sheer amount of goals scored by SV Houtwijk puts the team in a better position to win the league title for the year, NOS reports.

During the break, the home team was already losing 0-17. After the game resumed, on of the HMSH players was sent off the field by a referee. Then, the keeper was injured.

Houtwijk then scored another 20 goals. The dramatic win closed the gap between Houtwijk and MSV’71, which had a much better goal differential until this weekend. Now, Houtwijk is leading with a goal differential of 71, in contrast with 76 from MSV’71.

“We are quite displeased and have great doubts,” said MSV’71 driver Martin van Zweden to De Telegraaf. “HMSH lost 17-0 last week. But this means that a goal has been scored almost every two minutes. That is bizarre.”

MSV’71 plans to submit the matter to the KNVB.

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