FvD cop investigated for comparing Cabinet to Nazis in anti-Covid policy posts


The police launched an investigation into the leader of the Forum voor Democratie faction in Hengelo, who is a police officer in his daily life. He is suspected of making statements online under a pseudonym that, according to the police, “go beyond the line of the permissible.”

Tubantia reported that FvD member Brian Geertshuis posted controversial statements about the Cabinet’s coronavirus measures and vaccination policy in August last year. For example, he wrote: “I look forward to the day when the bastards who are rolling out this madness on us have their heads on the chopping block. That eventually happened to the Nazis too.”

The police report that they are investigating whether the statements were made by Geertshuis and “how they relate to law and the professional code of the police.” “If it turns out to be true, as far as the police are concerned, some of them go beyond the line of the permissible.”

According to district chief Karlijn Baalman of the Twente police, officers can have personal views and propagate them. But there is a limit, she said. “Police officers have an exemplary role in society, and we attach great importance to this. That is why we are going to investigate and draw conclusions based on that.”


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