Giro555 donations amount to 160.8 million euros


The national fundraising campaign for Ukraine has so far raised around 160.8 million euros. That is 10 million more than the previous amount as of March 18. The Giro555 counter stood at 160,849,047 euros on Sunday.

“We are very touched by the enormous willingness to give in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that the national action day on radio and TV already happened a month ago, a lot of money is still coming into the account of Giro555. Everyone wants to help, whether it be school classes, multinationals or sports associations. That is very special to see,” said Action Chair Kees Zevenbergen of Giro555.

The nationwide campaign for Ukraine is the second most successful Giro555 campaign ever. Only the campaign for the victims of the tsunami in Asia in 2004 yielded more, at 208.3 million euros.

Relief efforts in and around Ukraine are in full swing and donations are used immediately. The 11 cooperating aid organizations ensure that people in Ukraine and neighboring countries receive food, water, medicine and shelter. They also provide support for evacuations and for the provision of medical care. Psychosocial help is also provided and safe places are set up for children.

In Poland, CARE provides money to Ukrainian refugees, among other things, so that they can buy medicine and food themselves. Cordaid transports generators from the Netherlands that run on solar energy, so that Ukrainians can use electricity again. Kerk in Actie has transported food and medicine to Ukraine. Oxfam Novib takes care of refugees in the neighboring countries of Ukraine and provides sufficient clean drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Plan International provides medical and psychosocial assistance to girls, women and their families. The Red Cross supports displaced persons in the affected regions with emergency shelter, health care and money. Save the Children and World Vision have set up child-friendly spaces in Romania, where children can play and receive support in processing their traumas. The Refugee Foundation makes it possible to transport medicine to six hospitals in Ukraine. Along with War Child, Terre des Hommes supports local organizations in Moldova that assist mothers and their children with psychosocial care.

UNICEF helps vulnerable families financially. This week, the children’s rights organization started transferring money to 50,000 families.


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