In the case that has gripped Mexico, third autopsy on exhumed body of Debanhi can happen as early as July 1

Mario Escobar announced that the third autopsy to be performed on the body of his daughter, Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, will allow scientific verification that it was femicide and not an accident, as the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office has ruled.

Mr. Escobar clarified that on June 30 a formal request will be made in front of a judge for permission to exhume the body of Debanhi Susana, and if the procedure is agile, then the team of medical specialists will be able to carry out the autopsy on July 1 or 2.

He explained that once the autopsy is done, it will take approximately 72 hours to know the true cause of death of the young woman. According to Mario Escobar, the case will take a turn and it will be proven that the forensic study carried out by the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office was riddled with irregularities.

He pointed out that this is a watershed in the history of justice in that state, and insisted that the authorities will have to arrest the alleged suspects in Debanhi’s death, and argued that for now, he cannot reveal the identity of these people.

He said that he and his wife agreed to the exhumation with a lot of pain in their hearts, but he hopes that the work of specialized experts will help clarify the death of Debanhi Susana “and find the alleged culprits.”

He stated that once the forensic science team completes its work, Debanhi’s body will be buried again, but not before “apologizing” for accepting this third autopsy. However, he justified that the young woman herself would have demanded that he do everything possible to find the truth.

For this reason, he asked the people who follow up on his daughter’s case to light a candle as of June 30, since it is a transcendent event for all the women of Nuevo León since it could set a precedent to take measures against the femicides.

This Thursday, the Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection ( SSPC ), Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, confirmed that the request for the exhumation will be made on June 30.

The procedure will allow in-depth analysis to be carried out by a group of medical experts, for the approval of forensic opinions that were previously applied, explained the federal official.

This was decided within the framework of a meeting that the SSPC had on June 15 with the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León, the Government of Nuevo León, the International Executive Commission for Victim Assistance ( CEAV ), and the parents of Debanhi, Mario Escobar and Dolores Bazaldúa.

Mario Escobar has denounced that despite the fact that the authorities have carried out more than 200 interviews, they do not have any suspects in the case. The young woman’s father said that he did have suspects in the murder of his daughter, both men and women, but at this time he cannot reveal those identities.

“They killed Debanhi, they planted her body, they planted Debanhi there in the cistern,” he said in a video published on his YouTube channel, where he reports on what is happening in the investigation.

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