IND: waiting time at counters increased considerably due to crowds

People who want to make an appointment with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), for example to collect a residence document, have to wait two to three times longer than usual. This is due to several factors.

According to the IND, spring is always a busy period, and often brings many expats who want to live and work in the Netherlands from the summer and international students who register for the new academic year. But waiting times are now increasing due to “a strong increase in the number of highly skilled migrants” and “because application procedures can be continued now that the coronavirus travel restrictions have been removed.” The service is also faced with a staff shortage, mirroring the overall shortage on the labor market, according to the IND.

“This is very annoying. The IND is doing everything it can to shorten the waiting time, but expects it to take some time before it is resolved,” the IND said on its website.

The IND is trying to shorten the waiting times for making an appointment by expanding its services. IND counters are open more often on Saturdays, more residence documents have to be issued at companies and universities and the possibility is being investigated to deliver residence documents to home in special cases.

The service is also receiving more emails and telephone calls because of the crowds. It says it has chosen to be more accessible by telephone and therefore to have fewer employees available to answer email. “This can mean that you have to wait longer for an answer than before.” How much longer is not reported.

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