Jason Oppenheim of ‘Selling Sunset’ Gets Postmates Five Nights a Week

Selling Sunset‘s Jason Oppenheim doesn’t just play a high-end realtor on TV. Between running one of Los Angeles’ top-rated real estate brokerages and producing and starring in one of Netflix’s top-rated reality series—while also filming a spinoff—alongside his twin brother, life is pretty busy. That means some things have fallen by the wayside, like cooking. But hitting the gym and hitting the town? Those are non-negotiable.  

With Season 5 of Selling Sunset now streaming on Netflix (and the show officially renewed for seasons 6 and 7), GQ spoke with the self-proclaimed strongest Oppenheim twin to discuss how he manages to squeeze in a workouts, the quality of his Postmates game, and why there’s always room for ice cream.

GQ: How does a typical day begin? 

Jason Oppenheim: The first thing is I feed my dogs and then I get myself a coffee. I don’t do much before my coffee. Then I catch up on phone calls and emails. I try and get out of the house and into the office by 10. I’m in the office usually most of the day—running the meetings or listing appointments. I take about an hour for lunch with my staff. Every day is different but it’s a mix of meeting with clients, listing appointments, showings, and then I’m on my computer a lot working out of the office. 

I try and hit the gym around five. Equinox is about 100 feet from my office, so every day I just walk right over and get a quick workout in and come back to the office. I try to wrap up around 6, go home and I’ll usually work from home on and off throughout the night. I’ll watch some TV and I’ll order Postmates pretty much every night. I’ll say five nights out of the week, I’ll order from Postmates. The other two nights, I’ll go out. Unfortunately, I don’t cook. 

What are some of your go-tos on Postmates?

I love Din Tai Fung, which is a Chinese dumpling restaurant—it’s one of my favorites. There’s another restaurant here called Pace and they have great pastas and pizzas and I order from them a lot. I order Sugarfish a lot when I want sushi—and I order Magnum ice cream all the time.

You don’t worry about the ice cream melting by the time it arrives to you?

It usually comes perfectly because by the time it gets to my house, you can just stick the spoon in it and it’s not too hard. I like it better when it softens up a little bit. I get ice cream about three to four nights a week. I only eat twice a day, so it allows me to eat ice cream like that. 

And you’re able to sustain your energy throughout the day? 

I don’t do breakfast. I’ll just have a coffee in the morning and then lunch and dinner. I’m not really hungry in the morning. I’ll usually eat around noon for my first meal and then I’ll have dinner around seven maybe, and then I’ll have ice cream after that. 

It sounds like you can eat whatever you want.

I’m not super conscious, to be honest. I kind of eat whatever I want because I’m only eating twice a day. Today, I had a chicken panini sandwich, but I’ll have burgers, pasta, and pizza. I can’t say that I’m super healthy. For me, it’s more about eating an appropriate amount of calories. I don’t stuff myself, but I pretty much eat whatever I want. 

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