Later closing times for restaurants, theaters as more Covid measures relax


The coronavirus measures will relax again on Friday. The catering industry, music venues, and theaters may remain open for longer. And places that require a coronavirus access pass to enter no longer have to enforce social distancing.

Football stadiums, theaters, and all other locations where people gather can fill to total capacity again. And a fixed seat is only mandatory for gatherings with more than 500 attendees. Here, people still have to wear a face mask when leaving their seats.

People infected with the coronavirus no longer have to isolate for seven days from Friday, but only for at least five days. They can leave isolation once they are symptom-free for 24 hours. They’re advised to keep wearing a face mask and stay 1.5 meters away from other people for another five days.

For the rest of society, the face mask obligation will expire on February 25, except for public transport. People also don’t have to stay 1.5 meters apart from that date.

Some other rules will also relax further on February 25. From then, regular opening hours will apply everywhere, including for the nightlife catering. Coronavirus access passes will no longer be required, except at indoor locations with more than 500 people and no fixed seating. To access such a went, like a big party at a nightclub, everyone must get tested beforehand, whether they’ve been vaccinated or not.

On Tuesday, the advice to receive no more than four guests at home already expired, and the work from home advice relaxed. On March 15, the Cabinet will examine whether the obligation to wear a face mask on public transport, mandatory testing for access at large events, and the advice to work from home are still needed. 

These relaxations come almost two years after the first coronavirus case was diagnosed in the Netherlands. The then Medical Care Minister Bruno Bruins confirmed the first infection on February 27, 2020. 


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