Makkah: Kiswa maintenance staff work hard to ensure Kaaba cover looks its best during Ramadan


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Sat, 2022-04-09 22:54

MAKKAH: The Grand Mosque’s Kiswa Maintenance Department said that it has carried out work recently to maintain the Kiswa that covers the Kaaba, fix its edges and tighten the belt that surrounds it, to help ensure it looks its best during Ramadan.

The department’s director, Fahd Al-Jabiri, said: “This comes as part of the periodic work undertaken by the unit charged with taking care of the Kaaba’s Kiswa. It is carried out in accordance with a fixed program that is implemented through the Kaaba’s comprehensive maintenance and cleaning processes throughout the year.”

 The Kiswa is checked on a daily basis and maintained by a specialized Saudi team with the experience of some of its members exceeding 26 years. (SPA)
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