Menopause hinder half of women in their work

Last year, 173,000 female employees indicated that menopause sometimes influenced their work. That is 55 percent of workers in menopause. Eight percent struggled daily, nine percent at least once a week, Statistics Netherlands and TNO reported. 

36 percent said they sometimes functioned less well at work due to pain, fatigue, or concentration problems. 31 percent experienced uncomfortable situations at work due to hot flashes, mood swings, or leakage. About 13 percent experienced both a reduction in their work performance and awkward situations. Two percent had so many menopausal complaints that they had to call in sick.

A fifth of women did not experience any issues related to their menopause, and 25 percent did have complaints, but not bad enough to hinder their work. 

The stats office found that burnout was slightly more likely in menopausal workers (27 percent) than in women in the age group 40 to 60 who are not in menopause (20 percent). Among women with regular menopausal symptoms, 39 percent also struggle with burnout complaints. 

Of the employees whose menopausal complaints affected their work, 57 percent said they need more support or understanding in the workplace. 

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