Mexico lawmakers expected to end Daylight Savings Time in the country


Despite the fact that summer time begins this Sunday in Mexico, the Chamber of Deputies will analyze its permanence or if it will be suspended.

On Monday, the Political Coordination Board (JUCOPO) will analyze the feasibility of ending time changes in Mexico, after knowing the opinions they requested from experts in the matter, as well as from government agencies such as the Secretariat of Energy, Economy, and CFE power.

In recent days, deputies from the PRD, PT, and Morena political parties have presented three initiatives to demand the repeal of summer time, which came into force in 1996.

The whip of the Morena deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco, and the PT deputy, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, reported separately that this Monday the coordinators of the parliamentary fractions, within the Jucopo, will speak about the impact on energy and economy that this measure has had.

Mier Velasco said that the deputies must study the economic implications that said schedule may represent, although biologically it does not represent an affectation on the population.

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While the PT member, who is a supporter of the elimination of summer time, considered that the time change affects the health of the population and thus promote his initiative to repeal articles 4 to 7 of the Time System Law and Decree which established the schedule on March 1, 2002.

In the opinion of the PT, there are no statistics that said schedule generates savings in electricity or positive economic impact and that the agreement is to take the initiative to the plenary session to vote for or against next Tuesday.

The PRD supporter Olga Luz Espinosa and the Moren supporter Irma Juan Carlos agreed that the time change affects the health of the population, which is why both presented separate initiatives this week to repeal it.

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