Number of daily coronavirus infections still rising; Most since April 20


The number of new coronavirus infections is still on the rise, data from the RIVM showed. The public health institute recorded 3,418 positive tests between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning. That is the highest number for a single-day period since April 20, almost two months ago.

The number of confirmed infections has almost doubled compared to last Wednesday, when the RIVM reported 1,859 coronavirus infections. Nearly 1,400 were reported the Wednesday before.

Just over 17,000 positive tests have been registered in the past seven days, an average of about 2,440 per day. That is about 72 percent more than a week before.

The increase is most likely because of the start of a new coronavirus wave, the RIVM said on Tuesday. More virus particles can be found in the sewage, and more people have reported positive self-tests via the RIVM’s Infectieradar website.

The number of people who visited a GGD test site to get confirmation of a positive self-test is also increasing. The number of tests conducted is still within the capacity of the GGD system, reports the branch organization, GGD GHOR Nederland. “We are keeping a close eye on the test demand per GGD region on a daily basis to compare supply and demand. The GGDs determine whether, where, when and how much is scaled up locally.”


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