People still isolating in fear of getting Covid

There are still people living in isolation to prevent infection with the coronavirus, even now that official measures against the virus no longer apply. They don’t visit other people or get visitors, nor do they go out to restaurants or the theater, RIVM reports based on its behavioral survey for March. This concerns 2 percent of the 35,000 respondents.

The degree of social isolation varies from staying inside completely to not going out or going out less often. People who have other health problems most often stay isolated. “Social isolation is six times more common among participants with severe immune impairment and nearly three times more common among participants with other medical conditions than among those with no medical condition.”

People also stay home because they don’t want to risk getting the virus and passing it on to a loved one or because they are unsure about the risks they could run themselves. There is also a group that is still a bit more careful after the measures relaxed but is gradually participating in social activities again.

Those still stuck at home miss social contacts, feel lonely, and misunderstood, the RIVM found. The health institute could not say how big the various groups are. 

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