Primary schools were short 9,100 teachers last year


Primary education was at least 9,100 teachers short last year. Schools were also looking for 1,100 school leaders. The number of teachers coming from training is not enough to solve the shortage soon, said the General Education Union (AOb). “We are slowly moving forwards with a better salary. We are seeing more young colleagues. But that is not enough,” said director Thijs Roovers.

According to the union, the shortage accounts for 9 percent of total primary school employment. “In the large cities, this share is higher at about 14 percent,” said the AOb. The union wants people to get a permanent contract more quickly to prevent them from leaving education after a few years. The union also wants more to be done against workload and stress.

Support staff, such as janitors and classroom assistants, were not included in the study. The AOb thinks that primary schools also lack thousands of these workers.


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