Prisoner turns self in after mistaken release from Sittard prison

A man sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric treatment turned himself in to the authorities after he was accidentally released from the prison in Sittard instead of returned to De Rooyse Wissel institution, 1Limburg reports.

The man was sentenced to seven days in prison because he had sent letters to one of his victims from the psychiatric institution. When the sentence was served, he was released instead of returning to the De Rooyse Wissel. He turned himself in at a psychiatric institution in Oostrum, not far from Venray, the same day.

The prison did not know that the man was still serving an institutionalized psychiatric treatment sentence and had to return to De Rooyse Wissel. According to the judiciary, this “unauthorized release” happened due to the “insufficient exchange of information between the various partners.” The incident will have no consequences for the man himself. 

The incident happened on February 28, a spokesperson for the Ministry for Legal Protection confirmed to 1Limburg. The parties involved – the judicial custodial service DJI, the Public Prosecution Service, and De Rooyse Wissel – have investigated the incident and have taken measures to prevent a recurrence. 

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