Puebla man gets 3+ years for killing dog


A man in Puebla was sentenced to three years, eight months in jail on Friday for killing a pet dog more than two years ago.

Misael Lázaro “N” was convicted of animal cruelty for shooting Kimbo the dog twice on December 28, 2019 in Guadalupe Victoria Valsequillo, Puebla city. His motive for killing the animal is unknown.

The murder caused emotional distress to the woman who owned the dog, the Puebla Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

Misael will have to pay a fine of 32,326 pesos (US $1,550).

The sentence was applauded on social media.

“Thank you for doing justice. Hopefully you can spread the word so that the crime is punished throughout the country. It is very regrettable to read cases every day of hundreds of animals (not only dogs) being tortured and killed. It’s time to advocate for these cute, voiceless beings,” Twitter user @Cristin33422155 said.

“Finally! A triumph for those who fight for the rights of little animals,” another user tweeted.

According to figures from the state’s Center for Citizen Integration (CIC), 161 animal cruelty complaints were registered in Puebla and San Andrés Cholula in 2021.

Puebla’s Animal Welfare Law became effective in February 2018, making the state one of 15 with comparable legislation to protect animals.

The first sanction for animal cruelty in Puebla was given in February 2021, the news site ADN 40 reported. In that case, four dogs belonging to a person in San Andrés Cholula were living in unsanitary conditions, causing malnutrition and weakness. The dogs were taken from the owner, who was handed a fine of 14,194 pesos ($680).

With reports from Milenio, El Universal and ADN 40


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