Resident jumps from balcony during apartment fire in Almelo


A resident was seriously injured after jumping from the balcony of an apartment building during a severe fire on Friday evening on Rembrandtlaan in Almelo. The fire brigade extinguished the blaze near midnight, according to Tubantia.

It is not clear what caused the fire in a fourth-floor apartment. The flames spread to the roof but were quickly brought under control. However, one person was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries after jumping from a balcony to escape the fire. He was the only resident seriously injured in the blaze.

Another resident had to be taken out of his flat by the fire brigade, but sustained no injuries. In addition, 60 residents from neighboring apartments were evacuated from the building as a safety measure. They were allowed to return after a carbon monoxide check. The apartment where the fire started is currently uninhabitable. 


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