Saudi National Museum celebrates Ramadan with drums, songs, and candy

RIYADH: The Future Women Society on Sunday launched a charity project to distribute 800 food baskets to 4,000 beneficiaries from the neediest families in the Riyadh region.

About 200 volunteers are taking part in the Food Empowerment Convoy 2022 campaign, which will provide food baskets containing basic items, highlight the role of volunteer work in community service, and consolidate the relationship between the FWS and those taking part in the project.

It also aims to activate the role of community partnership and meet the food demands of families in need during Ramadan.


800 food baskets delivered to 4,000 beneficiaries from the neediest families in the Riyadh region.

Project director Thikra Al-Abdul Latif said the campaign was about building a relationship with families who had no breadwinners and were most in need of empowerment.

The project has several phases: Assessing the needs of the target group, searching for supporters, determining the required quantity of the food basket contents, developing a distribution plan, and choosing the best prices for the baskets’ contents.

“The last two phases are based on preparing baskets containing foodstuffs for daily consumption that are sufficient for families throughout Ramadan and distributing the baskets to the locations previously identified in the distribution plan.”

Two young men carry a box containing a food basket to be delivered to a needy family on Sunday in Riyadh, as part of the Food Empowerment Convoy 2022 project. (Supplied)

FWS chairperson Dr. Gareebah Al-Twaiher said that a follow-up study would be carried out on the beneficiary families to see the social impact of the convoy project.

She added that the society was proud of its partnerships with the Ehsan platform, Al-Rajhi Endowment, Obeikan Endowment, and the Feena Khair (There is Good in Us) initiative.

Abdullah Al-Ghanim, the follow-up supervisor at Feena Khair, said all sections of the nonprofit sector needed to provide services to beneficiaries across all categories.

“I expect, in this case, that the results of these partnerships are satisfactory due to the presence of diverse and sufficient expertise to accomplish fast, proficient, and distinguished work.”

Al-Ghanim added that the FWS was like any other association. “The goal is the same, which is to serve religion, the nation, and society.”

He said he regarded the Food Empowerment Convoy project with admiration and pride for the interest it had attracted, the love of voluntary charitable work among women, and their keenness to develop families in the community and educate them to be active elements in the community.

Abdul Wahab Mohammed Al-Faiz, secretary-general of the Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Subaie and Sons Charitable Foundation (Ghoroos), inaugurated the food distribution convoy project in the presence of interested parties, specialists, and several women who came to receive their baskets.

Ghoroos has been involved in nonprofit projects for several years and is preparing to launch new initiatives and partnerships in the nonprofit sector by the end of 2022.


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