Six people say they were pricked in Kaatsheuvel; young woman is unwell

Six people reported to a first aid post on Saturday evening because they suspected they had been stabbed or pricked at Anton Pieckplein in Kaatsheuvel. One of the reporters is an 18-year-old woman who became unwell and was taken to hospital, according to the police.

The Forensic Investigation Service is looking into whether the six reporters were indeed stabbed or pricked and, if so, with what. The young woman’s illness is also being investigated.

The police are calling on people who became unwell on Saturday evening during or after their visit to Anton Pieckplein to contact their doctor. A party took place on Saturday evening on the square in Kaatsheuvel in Brabant.

In various countries, including the Netherlands, reports have recently been made by people who say they have been pricked while going out. The victim then becomes unwell. Much is still unclear about this phenomenon, also known as “needle spiking.”

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