Storm Eunice overloads emergency and insurance company phone lines


Insurance company Interpolis received 2,421 damage reports by 8 p.m. Friday, while the code red warning for Storm Eunice had not yet been lifted, AD reports. Emergency lines were also overloaded and people were advised to only call 112 in life-threatening situations.

More than 90 percent of damage reports were related to homes, such as parts of roofs blowing off or being damaged by falling trees, according to AD. The majority of reports came from Zuid-Holland, then Noord-Brabant and Noord-Holland. 

Reports to security regions and fire brigades escalated during Friday afternoon, with many of the reports also concerning falling trees and loose billboards and traffic lights, AD reports. Most reports to security regions came from Breda, then Tilburg and Bergen op Zoom. 

Insurers expect a record number of reports after the storms this week and have deployed extra staff members to answer phones, according to Interpolis has asked that people report damages online, because phone lines are extremely busy. 


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