Stray bullet kills Dutch tourist in Colombia restaurant shooting; 2 dead, 2 wounded

A shooting in a cafe in Colombia left two women dead, and two men injured. One of the women is a 27-year-old Dutch person from Gelderland. The other three victims are Brazilian.

The shooting happened in Leticia, a southern city in the Amazonas department at the country’s borders with Brazil and Peru. The two women were transported to the San Rafael de Leticia Hospital where they died during surgery. The two men were struck by multiple gunshots and were in critical condition at the same medical center, according to RCN Radio.

Two unknown gunmen fled the crime scene. The three Brazilians who were shot were at one table. The Gelderland woman was sitting at an adjoining table with other Dutch citizens, said Colonel William Lara of the Amazonas Police to Caracol TV.

“We are aware of the tragic death. She was the victim of a stray bullet, according to the authorities. We are providing the relatives with consular assistance,” a spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs told RTL Nieuws. Immigration authorities in Colombia were also in contact with the victims’ families, Caracol reported.

The Dutch victim was confirmed to be a tourist, and not an immigrant residing in the area. Local media initially reported she was 25 years of age.

Investigators were still focused on identifying the gunmen hours after the shooting. Police were at the scene collecting trace evidence, and officers canvassed the area for witnesses. They also collected security camera footage from several sources near the restaurant.

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