Summery weekend but storm warning likely on Monday; Temps could creep to 30 degrees

It will be a warm weekend with a very low chance of precipitation on Saturday. Both days will reach around 25 degrees Celsius and a similar low to moderate wind of 16 kilometers per hour can be expected throughout the weekend. The start of the working week will feel very summery, with temperatures remaining around 25 degrees. However, there will likely be quite a bit of precipitation on Monday with a high likelihood of a storm warning, according to the meteorological institute, KNMI. 

Saturday will be the brightest weekend day, with a 90% chance of sunshine. A few clouds may accumulate over the course of the afternoon, with the day expected to be dry. There are low winds forecast. 

On Sunday, the temperature could creep up to 27 degrees with a similarly low chance of precipitation. The sun is less likely to peak through the clouds than a day prior, but at least part of the day is expected to be sunny. Winds will remain low to moderate at around 16 kilometers per hour. 

The warm weather will continue into next week, but not without stormy consequences. “Monday there is a high chance of rain and thunderstorms,” the KNMI said. There is a high probability of the meteorological agency issuing a storm warning for the southeast of the Netherlands on that day. The agency added that after Monday, there is a likely chance of at least one rain shower or thunderstorm each day next week.

Wednesday and Thursday will be the hottest days. Temperatures are expected to climb to 28 degrees, but could even hit 30 degrees in the southeast. Code Yellow storm warnings could also be issued in the south of the country on Wednesday and Thursday.

The weather is likely to turn cooler by the weekend, and going into the following week. The probability of precipitation is likely to be 70 percent each day that week.

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