The Legend of Nestor Cortés Is Still Being Written


I liked the shot. Yeah, I wasn’t there with him. I was looking at it. But I’m a big fan, and I was okay with the shot. If makes the shot, we’re not talking about that today. I’m okay with the shot. He probably could have driven in and got fouled or something. But you don’t know that.

I’m a music journalist by trade. What music are you into?

 I love to listen to Hip-Hop. My favorite was Drake. Drake, Wayne were my two guys when I was in high school. And obviously Bad Bunny has gotten into the mix.

You’re from Miami—were you into Rick Ross at all?

Yeah, I mean, those three guys there. “Stay Schemin” is incredible. I mean, they, honestly they kind of define my growing up days in downtown Miami.

You have a chance to start the All-Star Game. What’s that like for you?

Obviously, the goal is to make it to the big leagues. But once you’re there, the goal is to win a World Series. I think those are the first two main things. And then number three on my list would be to be an All-Star, right? I think as a personal standpoint, due to stuff I went through before to get to this spot right now, it’s really special and it would mean the world to me to be there. In front of my family.

It’s hard being in the minor leagues. You guys don’t get paid much. What were your feelings when you were bouncing around that time?

So in 2018, I got signed by the Orioles. I made the team; I was super happy. Trying to find my way. And I had a terrible two weeks. The Yankees picked me back up. And I told myself at that point, “Man, I just got another chance here, I didn’t know that the Orioles would be the worst team in Baseball. How am I ever gonna make it back to the big leagues?” Luckily, I went to the Dominican Republic that winter. We won the whole thing there. So that boosted my confidence a little bit.

How did that help you?

I started recognizing that I could be the same guy that I was in the minor leagues. I just needed to find out how I can transition it to the big leagues, you know. And then 2019 came around. I didn’t pitch well, but I thought I did good enough to stay in the majors. Got traded to Seattle. And Seattle had a terrible run there because of COVID. And it wasn’t till that moment that I realized I needed to change something in me. Because what I was doing wasn’t working. And I realized some stuff about my pitches. They helped me unlock that. I would say they showed me a slider. I started throwing harder when we worked with the strength guys. From that point on to today, it’s been incredible.

The Yankees have the best record in baseball. How do you like your chances to win it all this year?

Every day we walk into the building, we come here prepared. I mean, you look inside that room. We got MVP candidates and winners, Cy Young candidates. We just have really good at-bats. Sometimes, our hitters say even if we don’t get a hit, we made the pitcher work. Facing our lineup is no joke. And the fact that our pitching staff to do so well is big also. We’re staying in ballgames. It’s been a team thing. We’ve been winning because our pitching has been doing the job and our hitters has been coming in clutch situations to allow wins to happen. So, yeah: We’re excited.


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