The NBA’s Redesigned Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Is Hiding an Easter Egg

The Eastern and Western Conference MVP trophies, I feel like, must be important to you, too. Growing up in the Boston area, now you’re able to work on this new piece named after the Legend himself.

We used the Bill Russell Finals MVP award as the jumping off point for the silhouette, taking a version of that and scaling it down a bit. The Western Conference has two crossing halos and the Eastern Conference has three pillars, so each conference MVP has their own corresponding hardware with the ball sitting atop the trophy. To be able to name those after Larry and Magic is so poetic. One of the rules we made was to take everything that existed before us and use that to inform the next era—to be able to pay tribute to legends along the way. Cousy, Larry O’Brien, Russell. To bring Larry and Magic into that fold, into that echelon, to be trophy-worthy in the namesake, is really powerful.

The Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy with its own little easter egg for whoever earns the honors.

Chris Marion Sr, courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Has there been a time when you just sat down and really let it all sink in and thought, like “wow, I’m really doing this”?

It was like raising my own version of the trophy. It was such a dream project of mine that I have been in pursuit of for so long. Really giving the NBA credit, no one has ever really taken on something like this. In the end, I think we’ve issued over 150 new trophies this season, all within this new universe that we built. And they all have a relationship with each other philosophically, conceptually, aesthetically. That’s such a huge achievement for all of us, and something that I’m super proud of. But there were a couple of moments, to your point, where you go to work trying to get something for so long—and then you get it, and you’re like, “Oh shit, now we need to actually make this stuff.” Joy and terror mixed together.

But the specialness of seeing them in players’ hands, like Steph getting the All-Star MVP, gives me a double-take. Or Ray Allen giving it to KAT for the three-point shootout… I don’t know if you remember this moment, looking at him like, “Hold up, let me get that for a second.” It was already crazy to collaborate with the NBA on a trophy and to be able to work with Tiffany & Co. in the process and their rich heritage, bringing this all to life.

I mean, this is crazy. That stained glass technique those old guys were teaching me is the same technique the founder of Tiffany & Co. developed in the ‘80s. It’s just poetry in motion.


“Serendipitous” is the word. Really, that moment you were referring to? This is the moment right here. This is so great.

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