Threats sent to public broadcasting leader over plans to sanction “fake news” production

The authorities took extra security measures around NPO board chairman Frederiek Leeflang due to serious threats she recently received, Leeflang’s spokesperson confirmed to BNR. Other sources at NPO told the broadcaster that the threats came from sympathizers of broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland.

The NPO and Ongehoord Nederlands are clashing after a report by ombudsman Margot Smit accusing the broadcaster of spreading fake news. The NPO wants to impose sanctions on the broadcaster for violating its journalistic code. Ongehoord Nederland still has a week to respond to the sanctions. 

Ongehoord Nederland told BNR that it has no idea who is threatening Leeflang. “We are not aware of any possible perpetrator(s) or the background of the sender(s). As Ongehoord Nederland, we distance ourselves sharply from any threat, physical as well as verbal, to journalists or people working in the media.”

D66 parliamentarian Sjoerd Sjoerdsma said on Twitter that he wants a parliamentary debate about press safety in the Netherlands before the summer recess. 

Ongehoord Nederland previously sparked parliamentary outrage with a broadcast on replacement theory. 

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