Two new liquefied natural gas contracts to guarantee supply amid Russia uncertainty


The Gasunie signed two contracts for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to provide more certainty of energy supply now that gas supplies from Russia are increasingly uncertain. CEZ and Shell Western LNG will provide 7 billion cubic meters of gas via Eeemshaven in Groningen, reports.

The additional LNG should prevent the Netherlands from running out of energy this winter. The new contracts also reduce the Netherlands’ dependence on Russian gas.

Gasunie is building a new terminal in Eemshaven to cope with the extra imports of LNG. The terminal will consist of two floating platforms, which can store and process a total of 8 billion cubic meters of LNG. The organization hopes to have the terminal ready by the end of August when CEZ and Shell will start supplying gas.

Gasunie is still looking for a supplier for the remaining 1 billion cubic meters capacity in the new terminal.

The organization is also working on expanding the existing LNG terminal in Rotterdam. This expansion, combined with the new terminal in Eemshaven, will double the Netherlands’ capacity to import liquefied natural gas.


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