Union threatens “hot summer” if Schiphol doesn’t improve working conditions

Trade union FNV predicts a “hot summer” at Schiphol if airport chief Dick Benschop does not improve the working conditions of the staff. According to the union, it is essential that an agreement is reached before the summer in which the airport meets employees’ demands.

The union’s package of requirements includes that the airport must hire enough employees to do the work. FNV also insists on a once-off holiday peak allowance of 200 euros per week for employees in baggage handling, security, and cleaning. Security guards should also be able to take at least ten consecutive days of leave during the summer period. 

According to FNV campaign manager Joost van Doesburg, Schiphol has been ignoring warnings from the workplace for months. “Instead of tackling the causes, it dismisses these warnings as mood-raising,” he said. 

Due to the chaos at Schiphol this past week and a half of the May vacation, FNV considers it “clear” that Schiphol does not have its policy in order. Van Doesburg also referred to Benschop’s apologies on Tuesday. “Dick Benschop’s promise yesterday afternoon to hire hundreds of extra security guards sounds nice, but the problems are broader than just security. But if he really means it, then we as FNV will enter the negotiations optimistically.”

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