Video: China security pull Dutch reporter off camera during broadcast; IOC responds


Chinese security officers forcibly removed NOS correspondent Sjoerd den Daas during his live about the Winter Olympics on Friday afternoon. The trouble began just as he started his report in Beijing. Den Daas was forced to stop his introduction, saying, “We are being pulled out of here.”

He then added, “We’ve just been kicked out of another area, so I’m afraid we’ll have to get back to you later.” He was able to continue his story later in the broadcast with the Bird’s Nest stadium in the background, where the opening ceremony was taking place at that time.

It is not clear why the journalist was manhandled by the security officers. “Unfortunately, this is increasingly becoming the daily reality for journalists in China,” the editor-in-chief of NOS News said in a short message on Twitter. NOS also reported taking “appropriate measures” before the Winter Olympics to prevent Chinese spyware from stealing information from journalists’ laptops and smartphones.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been in contact with NOS about the incident. IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said he saw what happened, calling it “an unfortunate circumstance.” He added, “I think someone was being overzealous. He was able to, very quickly afterwards with the help of officials there, do his piece to camera.”

Reporters questioned Adams about if they will be able to do their jobs in China without restrictions. “These things do happen and I think it’s a one-off. I hope it’s a one-off and we will assure you that within the closed loop you will be able to carry on your work,” Adams said. “And if that is not the case, we want to know about that. We have spoken with the NOS and are now moving forward.”

The spokeswoman for the Chinese Organizing Committee added: “Many foreign journalists covered the opening from outside the stadium. We welcome all international media who have come to Beijing and we are doing everything we can to protect their rights.”


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